No fixed abode

imageHi everyone! I am Elizabeth, I’m 37,¬†and this is my blog. Its called Not Personally for many reasons. One- I have chosen to try a frugal minimalist¬†lifestyle, and am downsizing my life to more or less 100 items. I have lots of¬†decisions to make about whether each item I own¬†deserves to be in my life. I make these decisions with my heart and with my head, and it has honestly¬†been a very natural and¬†rewarding process so far! (more on that later) The blog title comes from this reaction I always¬†have to the many¬†physical things I have gathered in my life- “No, I’m not taking this, personally”- if it doesn’t fit in my life now, it is not coming with me.

The other reason¬†for the title “Not Personally” is that lately I am really trying to take life as¬†it comes. I have suffered with depression and anxiety¬†for many years and life in general has sometimes felt….kinda pointless. I see the connection between material things and¬†emotions, wealth, social status, perception and greed. I struggle watching people get into debt for things they don’t really need. I don’t believe the biggest house is the best, and I’m not impressed by public displays of wealth.¬†I don’t want to just tow the line and work the 9-5 anymore. There is a whole world out there to see, and now that my only kid (Kyd)¬†is off to Uni,¬†I am taking my chance and jumping into travelling, for as long as I can.

With no real plan in mind (except to spend lots of time in¬†Scandinavia, and to island hop for a few months¬†in Greece) I’m packing up here in Bermuda¬†and getting out. I have enough funds saved through 2 years of extreme frugality (more on this later) to see me around Europe for at least 2 years. I plan on taking casual labor if and when I need to, and taking advantage of couch surfing sites, ride shares¬†and anything else the internet has to offer me. I am aiming to find the cheapest or free-est version of everything I might¬†need! I plan on stretching every dollar to its limit, and enjoying the freedom of NO FIXED ABODE.

I hope there will be some inspiration to be found in this blog for anyone who feels the same as I do. I will add any advice I can offer to anyone thinking of travelling. I will be updating weekly if internet allows, and will keep the blog current with photos and tales of my adventures!

The countdown is on, only two months left in Bermuda!